• Bandung
  • Bali
  • Bangkok
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo

Yogyakarta, Indonesia 4 days
Vilnius, Lithuania 5 days
Singapore, Singapore 3 days
Bangkok, Thailand 5 days
Bangkok, Thailand 4 days
Malang, Indonesia 3 days
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 4 days
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 3 days
Bali, Indonesia 3 days
Shanghai, China 11 days
Perth, Australia 7 days
Tokyo, Japan 11 days
Beijing, China 6 days
Mumbai, India 7 days
Doha, Qatar 5 days
Antalya, Turkey 7 days
Batam, Indonesia 5 days
Incheon, South Korea 4 days
Seoul, South Korea 6 days
Singapore, Singapore 3 days
Melbourne, Australia 7 days
Phuket, Thailand 6 days
Manila, Phillipines 5 days
Penang Island, Malaysia 6 days

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