Our passion for Fritugo isn't rooted in being a foodie or frequent flyer, but in being in a position to help other people see more of the world and unlock a life-long education.

Travel, we believe, is one of the ways that we can mitigate discrimination and see more similarities in one another than differences. It's also a way to see how other people live, learn new ways of being, recharge and get creative inspiration. We realized that travel represented a life-long education that we wanted to get access to as much as possible.

So many services for travellers who know where to go, but no one is taking care of those who don’t? It is such a pain point to find their activities in fast way and add it to itinerary. Why? Because they search for their places and activities, they're in so many days on so many websites. We're building an online itinerary platform to create itinerary easily. We combined travellers experience with data mining and put this into our technology. Now they don’t need to visit dozens of websites during weeks looking for all components for their trip.

We track more than a millions of places around the world. There are thousands of itineraries has been created by users. User can easily share their itinerary to their friends and let them be the part of their itinerary. We’re fortunate enough to be a part of the hottest industries in the world today. The number of traveller in Indonesia is very huge and it’s currently experiencing long-awaited exponential growth.

The Ultimate Fritugo Team

Bryan Wangsa

Indra Oei

The Fritugo teams consists of an eclectic bunch of individuals who share a common passion for travel. We’re always looking to add more to this list. Mail us today at recruitment@fritugo.com

If you have any question, feel free to ask! Please mail us at hello@fritugo.com